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CBD Lozenge

Is CBD Good for Anxiety?

Is CBD Good for Anxiety?   Everybody experiences anxiety somehow. The fear of the unknown is common to a lot…

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CBD + Yoga

Downward-facing Dog Pose. Chair Pose. Savasana. Namaste. Do those yoga terms sound familiar to you? Raise your hand if they…

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Emu Oil CBD Salve

Hemp Emu Oil with CBD

What is Hemp Emu Oil? Emu Oil is an all-natural transdermal that quickly penetrates deeply into the skin. Emu oil…

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How to use a CBD Vape Pen

Around one-in-seven Americans use CBD oil or related products, according to a recent survey. If you’ve yet to experience some of the…

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Plant Based Happiness

PLANT. BASED. PAIN. CREAM. That got your attention, didn’t it?  We’re glad it did because we’re so excited to tell…

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Hemp is the Future

Overheard in LA: “OMG, you guys, I took the longest shower yesterday. It felt so good and I was so…

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CBD For Beginners 

Have you always wanted to try CBD but had absolutely no idea where to start or what it even is?…

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Conquering 2021

Conquering 2021 Phew! What a year that was! Am I right or am I right? But the past is in…

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Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air! AH! There’s only a few more days left until Valentine’s day! My goodness, wasn’t it…

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