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Love is in the Air!

AH! There’s only a few more days left until Valentine’s day! My goodness, wasn’t it just New Years? The days are going by so fast.

Anyway, did you ask someone to be your valentine yet? Have you found the perfect gift or have any gift ideas? Did you totally even forget that it’s Valentine’s day this week? Did the smell of love in the air these days remind you?

Okay, don’t stress, we’ve got you. We’ve curated something special for you or your lover this Valentine’s day. You can thank us later.

This “something special” is our Lover’s Kit! We think this is the perfect gifting kit. But before telling you what’s inside, play this word search and try to figure it out yourself.

Did you figure it out yet?

If you did, great! Don’t leave things for the last minute and stop in at any of our locations to get your hands on these lovely kits before they sell out quickly.

If you didn’t figure it out yet, let’s help you.

Did the letters CBD catch your attention the most? It should have because most of the products in our Lover’s Kit contain CBD! This Valentine’s day, allow yourself or your lover to enjoy all the products in this kit. Whether that’s to relieve some stress, anxiety, pain, or simply just to relax, you can count on this kit to bring you potential therapeutic and medicinal benefits without the psychoactive effect.

Next question, did you find the words bath bomb, candle, and luna zen pen? If you did, then woohoo, you figured it out! Those are the products you’ll find in our Lover’s Kit. The products in our Lover’s Kit include our hemp wick candle in the scent “The Calm”, two 60mg CBD bath bombs in the scent “Petals”, and a Luna Zen Pen that comes in the flavor of lavender. As if these products in this kit weren’t amazing enough, the color of the box of this kit is also stunning. We decided to go with a bright red box color to add a little spice and captivate you and your lover. Speaking of a little spice, we chose these specific products for the Lover’s Kit because we think these products are perfect for a relaxing and romantic day or night.

While we saved the day for you (you’re welcome), let’s save what’s in your wallet, too (you’re welcome, again)! This kit normally would cost about $100, but we’ve decided to treat you to a discount on this day of love because we love you. This kit now costs $75! So hurry up and don’t miss out on this great deal. Show your lover just how much you love them with this magical kit.

If you or your lover try out and enjoy the products in the Lover’s Kit, stop by at any of our locations any day of the week to restock on your favorite products because honestly, we think every day should feel like Valentine’s day.

Sending lots of healing and love to you and your lover.



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