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CBD for Post-Workout Recovery

Believe it or not, your post-workout recovery routine may actually be more important than the workout itself.

We put forth so much energy, discipline and drive into our workout routines – we run the miles, do the sets, reps and work needed to attain the results of cultivating these self-serving habits!

I personally am a huge fan and advocate of training hard, exercising my body daily and always striving to push myself to be a better athlete and human being in and outside of the gym.

One thing I have learned through being extremely active in my life, growing up as an athlete is how important your recovery routine is to your results. Now, as a female entrepreneur and business owner still maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle – I realize even more how important it is to optimize on post-workout routine and habits.

Why We Should Care About Post-Workout Recovery

Muscles are built outside of the training session. Post-workout, our bodies begin the repair process. Our body needs adequate rest, optimized care practices, nourishment to strengthen itself for the next workout!

Sore muscles are a great thing! However, if we do not fully recover them before we train them again, and hit the weights hard- we can actually begin to receive the exact opposite results that we wish to attain from our workout goals.

Introducing, Topikal Emu Oil CBD Salves

Muscle recovery and relief is an essential component to ensure our post-workout protocol.

All hail to Topikal CBD Salves to aid in this process for pain relief in a hurry and to help us recover optimally!

I don’t know about you, but when I was an athlete growing up, my only priorities were based around school and training. Outside of getting my homework and assignments done- I could just focus on getting adequate sleep, eating right, and training hard. OH, those were the days of being young, living at home, with no other worries in sight!

Now, as an Entrepreneur where my life has far more daily to-do’s, commitments and priorities – life doesn’t slow down. Not to mention, the added stresses we experience from work and life can play a huge role in halting or slowing down the process of our normal speed recovery.

I always say, how you do one thing, is how you do all things. By optimizing in all areas and using things that can help us excel, it makes all the difference.

This is why I am such a believer in Topikal’s Emu Oil CBD Salves with Hemp Derived CBD. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. The Emu Oil with CBD makes for a game-changer as a topical cream to combat pain, inflammation from workouts.

I apply the Emu Oil post-workout just like I would a cream – additionally it smells amazing and moisturizes the skin beautifully! For me, it truly is a win-win! I am able to seamlessly add this Topikal product into my daily post-workout routine and it allows me to feel improvements in my recovery and performance.

In order for me to show up my best to everyday life in my work, to others, to clients – I put forth utmost value to my health. I hope you do too – and add this product into your daily routine as well!

Please feel free comment with any questions you may have!

Health is wealth!

Sending love and good vibes,

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