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Drum roll please… Candles!

As if we didn’t have enough candles stored in the miscellaneous drawer or lined up on the dresser that we rarely use…

But Topikal’s hemp wick candles aren’t just any candles. We’re pretty confident that you’ll totally ditch your other candles to purchase this one. At this point you’re pretty curious as to why, aren’t you? Allow for us to elaborate!

If you’re like us, you probably have a candle purchasing problem that just doesn’t seem to stop no matter how hard you try. The candle purchasing problem can come in various scents such as lavender, vanilla spice, cinnamon swirl, apple orchard… The list goes on and on and on and honestly, we’re not even going to lie and tell you that we don’t have this problem because we so do. Can you blame us though? They’re so cute and smell so fun! However, enough is enough. We couldn’t keep collecting candles anymore for the mere purpose of it just sit there and collect dust. That’s why it was time we created this product. This may add to your candle purchasing problem (oops, sorry), but that’s not the intention. These candles were created to be used and reused with the goal of being sustainable and waste-free.

If you know Topikal, then you know that taking care of our mind, body, and spirit is our main priority. However, in order for us to be and do our best with what we’re given from mother earth, we need to take care of the planet that is allowing for all of that to happen. Hence, Topikal’s hemp wick candles are unique and special. They are designed to look aesthetic in any room with their terra-cotta pot (pun not intended) and smell lovely, all while keeping sustainability in mind with a little surprise in each candle box. As the name describes, these candles are made out of a hemp wick, soy wax, and come in three scents; The Calm, Morning Moss, and Sweet Sunset. Each candle has been given a specific name given its scents.

Let us not waste any more time and go right ahead and tell you exactly why we’ve chosen these specific names for each candle. Here we go. Imagine this… The Calm candle has warm notes of vanilla and raspberry, allowing you to remember how it feels to bring your focus back on your breath and inner peace while still being able to remember what we are most grateful for. The Morning Moss candle has fresh notes of coriander and cucumber, allowing you to remember what it feels like to take a deep breath of crisp air after it has rained. And the Sweet Sunset candle has warm notes of tangerine and agave, allowing you to remember how it feels when the sun kisses your skin during a hot and sunny day on vacation. Wow, just thinking about those moments already gets us so excited to have them lit up in our spaces.

Let’s touchback on the sustainability part of these candles. You’re probably wondering what makes these candles sustainable and what the surprise is in each candle box. As mentioned, we’ve made sustainability our top priority and created a product that can be repurposed instead of wasteful. So, instead of throwing away the container the candle is in, what we’ve done is take the extra step to place a bag of seeds in each box for you to plant after the candle is done! How adorable, right? That is why we chose terra-cotta material as our choice of the pot because once the candle is done, you can repurpose it and plant/grow a seed in this type of pot! There will be different types of seeds depending on which candle you chose to purchase. In addition, we’ve made things even greater by selecting specific seeds that you can use in your everyday life once the plant has grown!

So what are you waiting for? Stop by at one of our locations to see and smell these candles for yourself! We hope that when you do, this candle will bring you a sense of healing and happiness just as much as it does to us.

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