Emu Oil CBD Salve 1000 mg

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Topikal’s 1000mg Emu Oil with CBD is one of the most powerful topical creams ever made! Our emu oil salve with CBD is an all natural salve designed to combat pain and inflammation.

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Our best selling go-to miracle salve for concentrated pain. Soothes, nourishes and relieves inflammation far beyond the skin’s barrier.


Emu oil is one of the only natural transdermals, meaning it works in harmony with your skin to allow CBD to pass through with ease. Due to this property, this salve can target areas of localized pain and inflammation at a much deeper level such as muscles, tissues and tendons. Studies have shown that the human skin easily absorbs emu oil, making it an amazing delivery agent for CBD. It can also help lock in skin moisture and help reduce skin damage, making it popular for those suffering from skin conditions like dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural substance found in hemp plants. Our broad-spectrum CBD oil contains all of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes of the hemp plant with absolutely 0% THC, ensuring a vast array of potential therapeutic and medicinal benefits without toxicity.

With healing in mind, our 1000mg CBD Emu Oil Salve contains whole-plant hemp cannabinoids designed to assist in:

  • Joint and Nerve pain
  • Skin Conditions
  • Muscle soreness
  • Ease inflammation

We select honest, reliable and minimal ingredients to produce the highest quality of CBD products without any preservatives or additional ingredients that don’t need to be there.

More to Know:

  • Minimal ingredients with no additives, chemicals or preservatives

  • Broad-spectrum CBD products
  • Benefits of whole plant hemp cannabinoids
  • Non-psychoactive and contain 0% THC

  • Organically-grown CBD
  • Hand harvested hemp
  • Grown with care by farmers in Nevada and Colorado
  • Free of heavy metals and pesticides
  • Ingredients sourced intentionally to ensure quality, sustainability and to support American farmers and businesses

  • Extracted via high-quality CO2 
  • Extracting via CO2 ensures the cleanest and most chemically non-invasive method of extracting cannabinoids from the hemp plant.
  • No toxic by-products
  • In-house and third party lab testing for impurities
  • Individually lab tested, ensuring we bring customers the highest quality CBD.

  • Made in California
  • Non-GMO

  • Sustainable packaging
  • Biodegradable materials
  • Repurposable and recyclable containers
  • Minimal use of plastics for packaging

For Optimal Results:

  • Suggested use: Adults apply over affected area 2 times daily or as needed
  • Consistent use for best results
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from light, heat and humidity

Warning: Consult with your physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing, have or suspect a medical condition, or are taking medications. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



100% Pure White Bees Wax, Hemp Derived CBD Oil, Organic Emu Oil, Topikal Original Scent

40 reviews for Emu Oil CBD Salve 1000 mg

  1. Josh C. (verified)

    I’m a skeptic. When I first was introduced to this in a mall kiosk in Tarzana, CA, I decided to only start small so I would waste less money. Ha Ha, joke’s on me, IT WORKS!!! I even did my own placebo test and thought, “Well, if I stop using it, and the pain doesn’t come back, it’s not this.” The pain came back. So I started using it again, thinking it would do nothing, but the pain went away, again! I can’t recommend this stuff more. CBD is not a myth, it works. It’s not an overnight relief, but it’s relief. My quality of life has improved, my mood and disposition has improved, all because the pain is gone. I use it on my knees and shoulder, all after having to have surgeries. I no longer am taking Ibuprofen on a daily basis, I hardly ever take it! This stuff works!

  2. Kayla J. (verified)

    Where has this product been all my life???? Seriously the absolute best CBD product in the world!!!!!!

  3. Taron Hakobyan (verified)

    I just started using the emu oil. So far its been great! Smells really good as well! I will recommend this to anyone who wants an alternative approach to headaches.

  4. Elisa Wishan (verified)

    Best stuff I have used it all it helps with nerve pain !!! Better then other ointments

  5. Maddy M (verified)

    I have been using this salve for over a year now and I recommend it to all of my friends. This salve has saved me from a lot of painful sleepless nights. I have MS and a friend of mine suggested I check out this emu salve. I have been using it ever since, I apply it twice a day once in the morning and once at night before I sleep. I can say my pain has significantly decreased, i’m very happy with it.

  6. Robert Miller (verified)

    My wife and I received a jar of the salve from her sister to try in helping to eliminate or ease the discomfort of back pain that my wife was experiencing. On first use she received relief within 30 minutes.
    We are still working out of that first 4 oz. jar but have already ordered (and received ) another jar of the EMU OIL CBD Salve as well as your 8 oz. bottle of body lotion (1000Mg.) To make sure we won’t run out!
    Great product(s) that I am recommending to friends and Family
    Thanks Robert M.

  7. Christine Muldoon (verified)

  8. Robert M. (verified)

    your CBD/ Emu oil salve (1000mg) has significantly reduced my wife’s and mine pain; we both use this product every day. Great product !

  9. Helen G (verified)

    I bought this for my mom along with some other goodies for myself and she is very satisfied with it. She gets really bad foot pain and has trouble sleeping because of it. I finally convinced her to try Cbd and she is so happy about it she can finally sleep in peace.

  10. Albert S (verified)

    Life saving CBD salve. I don’t think I can go a day without this Cbd salve. I won one on a giveaway and I’ve been using it daily. So grateful ❤️

  11. Zane K (verified)

    I put this on everything! Mosquito bite? Boom gone. Athletes foot? Boom gone. And anywhere in my body that I have pain I usually put this on and it help alleviate it. Awesome Cbd cream.

  12. Jasmine L (verified)

    Works like a charm. I have arthritis in my hands and feet. I can’t leave the house without it.

  13. Susan L (verified)

    Me and my husband have both been using Topikal’s emu oil salve for over a month and it has been helping our arthritis. I would recommend this product to anyone who has arthritis. Thank you Gary

  14. Lily M (verified)

    Great product. It works well and smells very nice.

  15. Sean A (verified)

    I was very skeptical but I can give my word now. This works great. Thank you Topikal.

  16. Ani Ismailyan (verified)

    As someone who has chronic musculoskeletal pain, I went into this with not much hope/expectations. I’m so pleasantly surprised and thankful for Topikal for making such an amazing product.

    As soon as you apply the cream, about 5-10 minutes later, you notice the results. It feels like you’re lighter and younger haha. Moving around and doing day to day tasks feels pleasant.

    Thank you for the work you do!

  17. Favie (verified)

    I love this product. Kind of embarrassing but I’ll write it here anyways. I’ve had a rash on my thigh got about a year. It bugs me and itches when I do anything remotely active. At its worst I put this emu oil on it and it was gone the next day. I mean GONE. I’ve had this thing for a year and it was gone overnight.

  18. Nessa V (verified)

    I literally put this on everything. I’m not kidding lol. Kid got a scratch? Emu oil. Mosquito bite? Emu oil. Burn spot emu oil? Pain??? EMU OIL. Love it. Keep up the good work Topikal

  19. Steven Collins (verified)

    Excellent product ,
    it works right away. Boo-Yaah!!

    Image #1 from Steven Collins
    Image #2 from Steven Collins
    Image #3 from Steven Collins
  20. Carolina V. (verified)

    Great stuff for muscular and nerve pain. Great scent.

  21. MariLynn Fuhrer (verified)

    Really great pain reliever for my severe arthritis.

  22. Mark (verified)

    Helps my wife’s eczema stay under control

  23. John S. (verified)

    this product works wonders! I have arthritis in my hands which makes painful to hold a golf club. after application on my hands and fingers, i can play golf with no pain! Product absorbs quickly into skin with no greasy feelings. I highly recommend this product. its far better than “Relief Factor.”

  24. Christine Muldoon (verified)

  25. Shawn J. (verified)

    The cream is pretty good. I want to try the 3000mg.

  26. George B. (verified)

    products perform ,as promised

  27. DINA Yankoff (verified)

  28. Monica Rhodes (verified)

  29. Diana Lambert (verified)

  30. Jami (verified)

    Best cbd balm out there.

  31. Norma Feder Dong (verified)

    Love the relief it offers

  32. Mitch Matuga (verified)

    This is the best salve for back pain!!

  33. Robin Tiede (verified)

    Great product!

  34. Anna Larsen Litt (verified)

    I love TopiKal’s 1,000 mg CBD Emu Oil Salve. I have used it for years. It takes away my neck and shoulder pain for hours at a time. Very effective.

  35. Deborah Taymour (verified)

    Thank you for processing my order quickly. I had a very painful accident and broke my pelvis and my right arm. The pain was severe and after applying your salve the pain was gone for 12 hours at a time. BEST TREATMENT EVER!

  36. Christine Muldoon (verified)

  37. Christine Muldoon (verified)

    The product is very good but trying to check out in order to PAY for it just doesn’t work smoothly. I constantly need to call for help.

  38. Heney Dong (verified)

    Been using this for over a year and it really helps the aches and pains.

  39. ARAM VARTANOV (verified)

    Fast delivery , thank you!

  40. Christine Muldoon (verified)

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